The show originally planned for a foreign venue on Saturday March 28th has been changed to Town Hall. While we all will no doubt revel in Town Hall's glory once again, this is not a time for complacency. A dark cloud will hang over the festivities, for sinister forces have conspired to keep us down.

Once again, Town Hall has been officially banned from a venue. This time it is the Florida Knights of Columbus. Those who were at the Valentine's Day Show can attest to the fact that it was not only one of the most enjoyable Town Hall shows ever, but also one of the smoothest running. Certain elements, however, have seen fit to spread vicious and foundless rumors about what went on. Town Hall has been accused of allowing alcohol at the show and looking the other way when fights break out.

Ignorance of what Town Hall is and what it stands for is one thing, but this blatant lying and spreading of mistruths is an inexcusable outrage. We can not stand for this and we MUST not stand for this. Let all who you come in contact with know that this is not Town Hall. And while you're at it, join the official Town Hall boycott against the Florida Knights of Columbus. Do not attend any event at this place. Let all your friend, family and acquaintances know what the Florida K of C thinks it can get away with. The people must know what is being done to the youth of this county in the name of expediency. We will prevail, because we are right and they are wrong. It is just that simple. Thank you and good night.

Onward to Town Hall